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Mike Johnson's World Richest Calf Roping
Sherrylynn Johnson's Invitational Barrel Race

CONGRATULATIONS  Jeff Chapman -$23,000!
Mike Johnson's Worlds Richest Calf Roping Champion and Sherrylynn Johnson's Invitational Barrel Racing Champion
Tiffany Fox $5,950
They have a great jumpstart to 2009! 
Results HERE!

Fantasy Sponsor Teams were a great hit!!  The following sponsors participated and the results are as follows: 
1.  Jud Little Ranch 57 pts.
2.  Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds 41 pts.
3.  Snow Furniture/Marquis Furniture 38 pts
4.  Jerry Yoder Construction 35 pts.
5.  American Cowboy Coffee 34 pts.
6.  Cinderella's Team 26 pts.
7.  JohnsonSportline.com 22 pts.
8.  Premier Trailers 16 pts.
9.  Big Ticket 12 pts.
10.  Lightnin R 5 pts.


This week start a big swing.  Denver then to NM and back to Ft. Worth.  Rapid City, Jackson our on the road to San Antonio.  We must not forget San Angelo.  February is very busy for the Johnsons.  Hope you all stay warm and stay tuned.  Good things are in store.  Good luck down the road.

Mike Johnson just hit a milestone! He is now a TWO MILLION DOLLAR COWBOY!!!!!

He is the 14th man in PRCA cowboy history to accomplish this feat. He is on his way to his 23rd NFR.

LEVI talks: 

Snoopy (Sherrylynn's barrel horse) is going to enjoy the turnout pen with me (Levi) while we send the new guys (Bam Bam and Dashers) to Odessa to play in the cold weather . Us guys think we'll just stay here, take a break, and rest.  We will play when it gets a little warmer.


The New Calf Tying Dummy used and endorsed by Mike!
Check out LUKKY JR for the little ones!

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